Custom Pewter Ornaments

Custom Pewter Ornament

3D Landmarks Design

Custom Pewter Ornament - School logo

2D Design

Pewter Ornament Pricing:

Pewter Ornament Pricing

Pricing – Imitation Pewter (zinc alloy):

Zinc Ornament Pricing

All designs shown can be done in pewter or zinc alloy (imitation pewter).

Click here for specific examples of imitation pewter (zinc alloy).


  • 2D Design: $35
  • 3D Design: $250


  • Area: 5 sq. in.
  • (Ex: 2.25 in. X 2.25 in. if perfectly round)
  • -Oversizing to 6 sq. in. or 7 sq. in. is available.

Time Frame:

  • 4-5 weeks


  • Price includes choice of
  • Clear Top Gift Box or Black Velour Pouch
  • Optional Polybag Packaging: subtract 20 cents
  • from price of each ornament.

Shipping Estimate:

  • $30 per 100 ornaments

Color: Add $0.75 per color to each ornament

  • (plus $40 setup for each color).
pewter ornament packaging

Packaging Options (included in price)


Custom Pewter Ornament with color

3D Landmarks Design with color

Custom Pewter Ornament - Military

2D Military design

Customer Pewter Church Ornament 2D / 2-Sided

2D Church Ornament with Wording on Second Side (no extra charge)

Custom Pewter Ornament

3D Design

Custom Pewter Ornament - Fire Department

2D Design (custom shapes are no extra charge)

Custom Pewter Ornament - Logo

2D design with decoration on second side (no extra charge)

Custom Pewter Ornament - Fire Engine

3D Fire Engine Ornament

Custom Pewter Ornament - Hotel

3D design landmarks ornament with decoration on second side (no extra charge)

Pewter Ornaments Personalized Stock Designs

Stock Designs – add your message or logo (click for more examples).

General Information

Custom 3D Pewter Ornament

Three-Dimensional pewter ornaments are produced with contours and multiple levels using a technique known as bas-relief.

Custom 2D Pewter Ornament

Two-Dimensional pewter ornaments have areas that are raised and areas that are recessed (two levels).