Custom glass ornaments featuring local landmarks.

Personalized Christmas Ornamentsmatte red ornament with white & gold imprint

Personalized Christmas Ornamentwhite ornament with four-color imprint

Personalized Glass Christmas Ornamentssilver ornament with blue & white imprint

Personalized Glass Ornamentsbeige ornament with black imprint

gold mist personalized christmas ornamentgold mist ornament with three-color imprint

matte nave personalized christmas ornamentmatte navy ornament with white & silver imprint

dark green personalized christmas ornamentdark green with white imprint

matte maroon personalized christmas ornamentmatte maroon ornament with white & gold imprint

Personalized Christmas Ornamentsgreen mist ornament with imprint on two sides

We work from photos and sketches sent to us by our customers. We crop, edit, and frame the art at no additional charge.

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A detailed information sheet is available for download here:Ornament pricing and options.
Personalized Christmas OrnamentOptional acrylic ornament stand: $1.82 each